Automatic permissions fixer.

A standard base feature, to automatically detect, and automatically or manually fix permissions on all files and folders. Platform independent- should work on every supported platform, windows, linux, mac.

Hi Chris,

I feel this is something that the community could contribute to as many are using different platforms and the setups they use would be useful to document.



Agreed Will. Ideally this module would use telemetry to upload anonymous statistics about permissions, ownership, operating system distro, web server, and web server configuration. All items that influence the permissions/ownership requirements.

Most common configs could be included as presets. Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/Redhat. Windows. Mac OSX.

The following may be a good start for somebody (I am not a coder).
Magento has made the following PHP script to help ensure file/directories permissions are srt
in combination with this

and this

hope it helps.