Automatic import of emails related to leads

Hi there,
I’m trying to figure out if this feature exists, and if it does how to configure it.
I’ve configured personal email for one of my users.
Since there are a lot of emails in that account, most of them not related to data in CRM, I would like to check, if it’s possible that SuiteCRM scans that inbox/trash/sent items, and when it finds email address that exists in the system (whether it’s a lead or contact) it automatically imports those emails and associate them with the lead/contact.


  1. I have a user Mark. His email account that is connected to the CRM is

  2. Mark have a contact in CRM John Doe with email

  3. Mark have couple of emails in his inbox from, he had some correspondence with John prior to implementing SuiteCRM.

  4. SuiteCRM scan Mark’s inbox and when it finds emails sent and received from and automatically imports them and assign the records to contact John Doe in CRM.

Is step 4 possible out of the box?

I hope it’s not confusing.


With Group emails you can have auto-import. I think (not 100% sure, though) that SuiteCRM will relate these emails to existing contacts.

But it will import every email, not just the ones it is able to relate, so that is not exactly your requirement. So you might need some custom code for what you want…

One more thing. Since there won’t be many users, I might get the workaround by using Groups instead of personal emails. I’m curious, what happens when SuiteCRM imports the emails. Where it will end up? Is there some part of documentation that can explain it more closely? And if I delete the imported email, will it be imported again during the next run? Or it will be ignored?

You can find Documentation on Group Emails, but for the kinds of questions you’re asking, I would really recommend just going ahead and testing it. You need to be comfortable that the process works for you in all those situations, and in other situations you will think of in the near future :slight_smile:

Just try to set it up in a test environment and see how it goes.

Yes, step #4 works in that way. I have tested it.
If an email address is related to any lead/contact/Account, Suite automatically attaches with this.

However, I have made a great plugin for keeping in mind a versatile capability of Emails to Leads or records.

Please have a look.