"Automatic" Copy and Paste for a Picture in Image field file. ?

I work with SuiteCRM 7.5.3.-0 (Local) and have some tools like MSaccess/KuTools for Excel for manipulating
fields (approach via “External ODBC” data. (for changing a big number of field values,works faster than “Update” in SuiteCrm.

Anyhow I have picture of a Packing ( Image field) and Click and Paste this from Picture.Png file to the Image field…Works fine !

However, I have to do this thousands of times, to complete my database. Is it possible,depending on textfield “Pack” with value “Bag” that
in such case an automatic Copy and Paste can be done, to insert the picture of the BAG into the Image field.

Thanks for any help,even maybe with Third Party program…?


i am not sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you just want to associate certain records (based on text conditions) with the same Picture? So basically a script to insert pictures for you?

Yes like that… !

If you read this post you can understand how these things are stored:


It’s quite easy to script this to insert the references in the database, and the rename the files adequately in the upload folder.