Automated Emails workflow

Can someone Elaborate how we can send automatic emails using workflow

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This should help you:

Workflows :: SuiteCRM Documentation (send email action)

Hi, Thank you for responding.
Actually We have a website from where users can download case studies by entering their details.
we get the mail in suiteCRM when someone does that.
I want to create a workflow so that we can send a 'Thank you ’ mail automatically to the clients.
can you help me with this ?

If you have specific questions I can try answering. What have you tried? What happened?

You need a Workflow that is triggered by the incoming email (new email record), with some conditions to make sure you’re targeting the correct emails (not all of them). Have you tried getting this working?

Note that the email sent by the workflow will be sent from the System account, not from any user’s account.

I want to send an automatic email to the new leads that are created.
For this I created a workflow :
Name : Case study.
Workflow Module: Leads Run: always
Status : Active Run On: New Records

Select Action: Send Email Email Template: given
Email: To>> Related Field>> Leads : Leads

What command should I use in Actions Section so that mail get sent. I think the error is in the last line as the email was not sent

It’s possible that the workflow is running during the act of creating the new lead, and so it hasn’t been saved yet, and the relationships don’t exist yet. You have to try different things until you get something that works.

My suggestion: try things separately first, and only then bring the pieces together.

For example, don’t try to figure out the events and conditions at the same time you’re trying to figure out the sending of the email, and at the same time you’re trying to make that sending “dynamic”, to an email address that is referenced from the record.

Just solve one problem at a time:

  • workflow that sends an email, always to the same static address
  • workflow that runs when a lead is created, and just does something simple and certain like setting a field value
  • etc