Automate CSV Import and update second time based on Date field

Hi guys.

The company I work for has a really terrible system they use to log and track jobs, as well as invoicing, and other features common to a CRM. I want to convince them to eventually move onto a better system using multiple products and connecting them together via an API. This way we can pick the best of each industry specific app and have them maintained separately as needed.

Our current software doesn’t support API. But we do already generate CSV exports on a daily basis for a Customer Portal that we created in-house. The export for the portal is imported in order of Accounts, Contacts, job cards, and then invoicing info. Being that this is the DB level order.

Currently our Portal looks at a Last_Update field for each row and if the field has the current date, it re-imports those rows.

I have no help on this one. The company is focussed on business as usual, but their efficiency is horrible. So I am trying to put this together by myself for now until I generate some interest. I am an IT tech though not very good at programming. I do have intermediate Linux skills. And I learn fast.

So, how would one automate the import of 4 CSV’s in a particular order and only import updated fields? System is hosted on CentOS 7, Apache, and MariaDB.

Alternatively, the Portal is hosted on the same system with a MariaDB database. If its easy to pull the data directly from the Portals DB, even better.

Any assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mike A.
Sydney, Australia.

Actually, important info. The Last_Update field might not be the same date as we don’t work weekends. It might be a few days old. I think we got around this with the portal by re-importing everything with dates for the last 7 days.