Autoincriment field as Name

Hi guys is possible to use DTG Autoincrement number as the Name field?

Scenario im make a custom module using the Module Builder and i want to replace the Name field with a number generate with DTG Autoincrement.

you can achieve this by doing a logic hook that copies the DTG Autoincrement field to the name field

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Jesus can you be a little more less tech savvy im not a developer sorry.

the next time just ask your question like the third answer in that link, you don’t have to be like that, a conversation is based in proper communication, you asked if it’s posible, I told you yes and hint you with the how, your next question is what’s wrong, thank you

you need to have a php knowledge to work with logic hooks, there’s no menu with drag and drops options

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Perdon bro. Sorry bro… yes im reading the article.


I think I can use the workflow for this I’m making test and look it works thanks but I will read the article as well

Have a look here too for creating your own autoicrement field, without dtg. Not yet tested though.