Ok, so i’ve been searching for days now but can’t get my head around how a relationship is being established… For example i created a custom module called RFQ and relate it to Opportunities Module.

When i go to Opportunity module and create New RFQ record, some fields like quantity, opportunityno, units, etc should be populated or autofilled in the RFQ. I created all relate fields. But what next? I need to be able to see the filled fields before I press save. Can someone pls help me.

Iam using CE version 6.5.

Thanx in advance



I am not a pro, bu as I know relationship links two module based on key field, it will not populate the data automatically. But you can do so by creating a workflow to update data in respective fields.

Your misunderstanding how relationships work. When you create a relationship your just relation one record to another record in a different module. It does not automatically mean that fields in another module with be auto filled. To auto fill fields in a related module when a relationship is created will required custom coding or maybe using a work flow as mentioned above.

Hi ,

Yes i know it cannot be achieved with out custom coding. I will try to explain the actual scenario…

I created a custom module called RFQ, which contain some fields like quantity_c, description and rfqno.

In Opportunities also i added some fields like opp_quantity, opp_description and opp_no

Now i related RFQ and Opportunities module, that is when i go to Opportunities i can see RFQ tab.

Now the actual scenario starts:

  1. I went to Opportunities, there are some opportunities record.
  2. I click any of the opportunities record, then down in the tab i can see RFQ tab.
  3. I clicked create RFQ, it should show RFQ entry screen and it should autofill the related fields from the Opportunities fields like opp_quantity, opp_description and opp_no TO RFQ fields quantity_c, description and rfqno

With custom coding how can i achieve that.,

Pls iam new to this crm, pls explain step by step to achieve this. Ive been trying to achieve this for so many days without success.

Thanx in advance…


I would like to populate the data at real time, i mean before saving it.

I dont think there will be an easy way to do in realtime before saving record, without some custom coding, about which some expert can suggest or try to search through forums.

But you can generate a RFQ automatically while saving Opportunity & populate fields using Workflow.

There are a lot of similar threads online ie

Hi Singhraju,’

Thank you for your time. Can you suggest me how i can generate a RFQ automatically while saving Opportunity & populate fields using Workflow? If you have any step by step guide for me, it will be very helpful…

Thank you,