Autocomplete in subpanel requires first_name instead of last_name - How to search for last_name?


eg if you have a project opened and you are looking at the history-subpanel and you want to add a new notice, then you want to assign the notice to a contact.

But if you start typing a name in the contact-field and hope for autocomplate, you have to know the first_name of your contact. If you just know the last_name (=typical in Germany), then the autocompletion don´t find the contact.

So how can I changed the autocompletion of contacts to look for the last_name?

Regards, MT

Can you please try this on the demo so you can better see the english terms and tell me the exact steps?

Is a “notice” a “note”?

Are you sure you’re talking about assigning to contacts, and not to users? Because I don’t know where you have auto-complete for Contacts, only for users in “assigned to” user.

The steps I did:

  1. Open an Account (Detail-View)
  2. Scroll down to the subpanel “History”
  3. Create a new “Note” (you are right :wink: )
  4. Now you have a field “Contact” where you can start typing with auto-complete. If I know the first Name of a contact, I can find the person. If I just now the last name, I can´t use the comfortable auto-complate function.

I hope this is easier to understand :slight_smile:

Ah, that. I get it now. I didn’t know that had auto-complete, that is cool.

The easy workaround is to tell your users to start with a percentage sign.

So type this


and you should get Albert Einstein, and Joseph Einstein, and all the other Einsteins.

If you want to skip the %, you’ll have to edit the code, I am afraid…

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Thank you very much, your workaround works B-)

Can you tell me where I have to look for the code-piece to edit?

I don’t know, really…

Maybe this has something to do with it

but it might not be very linear how you can change that and not break something else. You can try it, of course…

Here is another possibility

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