Auto update calendar

Hello, everyone.

I wanted to ask if there is any way for the calendar to auto-refresh or load the inserted content every x time.

Here’s an example:

Several commercial users are assigned through the shared calendar tasks to the same user and I need the calendar to be updated so that the tasks do not overlap

Guess you could use after-save logic hook to check whether that time intercepts any other task and if so move it back to avoid it. You may be able to use workflows but expect many and complexity out your ears.

Thank you so much for your help.

This doesn’t solve my problem so I guess to solve it I’d have to develop a calendar in ajax for this.

Again, thank you.

See files in modules/Calendar/ :

  • Calendar.php
  • CalendarUtils.php
  • CalendarActivity.php
  • controller.php

May be answer for you there.

Okay, I’ll take a look at it.

thanks for the help

to make this proper you would need to add a websocket based communication between the backend and the frontend. So the server can notify the browser of changes and then react. But I doubt that yoiu can achieve this with the SuiteCRM Calendar. If you are interested I can send you soem facts how we did this as we just did the same for intergation Ooutlook and the GSuite Calendatr.