Auto-Sync Your 365 Days’ Events With Your CRM System

There are many issues that occur when we update our calendar events manually on the CRM system and that is also a time taking process. So, you don’t need to worry more!

We at OutRight Store have recently generated an automatic extension that will allow you to sync your meetings, calls, and tasks on SuiteCRM. The automated plugin is announced as the “SuiteCRM Office 365 Calendar Integration” extension.

This plugin will act as a mediator and sync all scheduled events (Meetings, Calls, & Tasks) on Office 365 calendar with SuiteCRM and vice-versa. So, your all events will sync across both platforms automatically you don’t need to update them manually.

You can use this SuiteCRM extension without having the technical knowledge of APIs and data integration. You just have to integrate it with your SuiteCRM and easily terminate the manual assignments.

The plugin has amazing functionalities like auto-sync of events across both platforms using identifiers (calls: & tasks:), adjusting attendees’ time zones automatically, and adding guests directly from the CRM system. Also, send daily activity report through email, schedule future events, and create multiple calendars per user.