Auto populating 'quick Create' forms in activities sub panels

When ‘quick Creating’ a meeting in a given modules ‘Activities’ subpanel, the ‘related to’ and ‘assigned to’ fields are already populated, but how do i populate the other fields?

Do i need to create different quick create forms for each module?

You need to do some custom coding for this… By default this is not possible.
You can engage any developer if you are not a programmer.

Thanks, i realise it needs some coding, i’m just not sure how to go about it.

I 'm thinking i need to override the quick create button and use a different quick create template depending on the parent module?

There is some help in this post :

but i cant find the posts that are referenced in the above

You can find the posts in the Wayback machine, here is yours:

If you get it working, please post your solution here. Thanks!

wow that’s amazing - setup in 2001!! where have i been?
I’m making progress but way off a solution yet - will post when/if i get there

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