Auto populate fields.

Great community great product.

Wanted to ask if there is a way custom fields from one module can auto populate custom fields in another module.

Under the account module I have a custom field called terms. Have another custom field in invoices called terms.

When creating a new invoice and selecting the account the shipping and billing data currently in the account module, auto populates into the new invoice. I need additional data such as terms to also auto populate. Any ideas?


It can be customized. I see 2 possibilities, One on the fly how it happens when you select account. The other one is using logic hook

Anyone has any solution for this yet?

I have a similar request and here is what I am trying to achieve.

I built custom relationship between leads > products

I have custom field in leads called “com_category” and and same field in product. So when I am creating a product record from leads’s subpanel (quick create i guess), I want the “com_category” to auto populate from lead records.

Normally, the way you do it is make the field name exactly the same between the lead and contact/opportunity and it will automatically populate it on convert. I’ve never had to do it between a lead and product though. You might want to have a look at workflow and create a workflow that on save of a new lead record create the relationship to the product. That’s pretty straight forward and requires no customization to the code.

Try @p.konetskiy response here to populate related fields: Auto Populate related fields