Auto Populate Contract start date in new module

i have created a new module named equipment, and trying to auto populate a custom related field “start_date” which should pull its date from Contracts module’s start_date. presently this field pulls name of the contract instead of start_date. also i have created many to one relationship to Contracts.

Gone through various forum post (like and couldn’t figure out the method.

Someone pl help how this can be done.

I think you can do this with workflow, but then the change will not show up until the next minute after the user clicks save. If this option is workable for you, open the Workflow module (aka AOW) and connect it to the equipment module… the build out a modify record action.

You might be able to do this with logic hooks (just Google it)… but I haven’t used it to look at related modules, so I’m not sure.

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thanks sieberta, let me try this through workflow