Auto Logout after inactivity

Hello, is there a way to set up a auto logout rule where after a period of x inactivity the system logs out the user?

Hi @DonDowner ,

By default, automatic logoff is not activated in the SAP System. Users remain logged on no matter how long they may be inactive. You activate automatic logoff by setting the system profile parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout to the number of seconds of inactivity you want to permit. Enter as a value for this parameter the number of seconds of inactivity that must elapse before a user is automatically logged off.

If you activate this function, the inactive users are logged off after the specified period expires.

Steps for configuring automatic logoff.

Step 1 : Call the system profile maintenance functions with Administration -> CCMS -> Configuration -> Profile maintenance (transaction RZ10).

Step 2 : Define or maintain parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout. Enter as a value for this parameter as10 (in your case)
Thank You

Thanks @vijay1992 I have a standalone installation, not the SAP integration. I assume the steps you mention refer to a different menu available only through the SAP integration, and not the default installation?

I am unable to find the menu path you mentioned.