Auto creation of Contacts

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I am trying to come up with a way of updating my SuiteCRM contacts with my Google Contacts. I was going to gfo down the path of getting GC to email the details to SC and have SC then parse the email and update or create a record. Can I code SC to look for particular phrases, letters, etc in the body of an email?


Say we have an email coming from Google Contacts and the email is fortmatted as below:

First Name: xxxxx
Last Name: xxxx
Address: xxxxx

Is there a way of just grabbing the xxxx data and updating a field in the Contacts Module with it.



I recently did a similar integration using Zapier, with a tool they have called Zapier Email Parser.

It works great. Whenever a new Lead is created in SuiteCRM, a Workflow sends out an email to a person. I added a second recipient for the Zapier inbox. Then the parser extracts the information from the Email and Zapier creates a Google Contact (it has this integration out-of-the-box).

This is a bit convoluted: it would be possible to simply call an API from an after_save SuiteCRM logic hook, this would be much simpler and cleaner code. But due to some of the particularities of this situation (like the need to connect into someone’s private Gmail account) I ended up preferring the Zapier solution. I was also lazy, I guess. But let’s call it “efficient” instead, it sounds better :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response pgr, but I’m wanting to go the other way, from Google Contacts to SuiteCRM. Zapier doesn’t do a direct integration which is why I was wanting to have an email sent to SC and for it to parse the data.

I didn’t check, but I am 99% sure Zapier can do an HTTP POST. In this case you could avoid the mess of switching to a text part (an email), and keep every variable separate.

You would pass the data into SuiteCRM as a Web-to-person form does.

Try making one

and have a look at the HTML it generates, it’s pretty straight-forward. Then you can build a similar call from Zapier. Or you can try getting a Google API Push Niotification to do it instead of Zapier, but I couldn’t find Push notifications for Contacts - only for Calendar.

Thanks pgr, I’ll give this a go.

Without sounding like I’m rambling, I know how you IT gurus like to stick to the facts, but I’m sure there’s a bit of room in your heads for some appreciation, so I just wanted to say that, I’m no IT guru, very far from it, but have tried numerous systems and their support the past couple of years and I have to say that this has been my best experience so far in using a system (paid and non paid) and its forum…so “Thank you” for being so prompt with your help, for understanding me the first time around, and not taking my message offfline because it wasn’t in the right spot (Was I in the right spot for my Question?)

I feel a new confidence.Thanks again.


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You can search for the Text in Emails and Create Contacts in SuiteCRM from those. You can override and make you changes to the Scheduler Job which fetches the Emails from SMTP server and is monitoring for any new emails. The function is named “pollMonitoredInboxes” and is located in following file.


Thanks Cherub. Where do I write the commands or script to do this? My only reference to this type of thing is Zoho Creator where I could write teh script as a general workflow then call on iut when needed. Is this a similar structure?