Auto case creation not applying the fields


First of all, i love SuiteCRM! :slight_smile:

after creating an inbound email, and setting up a cronjob etc. I choose that the inbound email replies with a case creation template.

Testing out the default template. All works! however…

When the user recieves a mail from auto case creation template, it shows as this:
Hi $contact_first_name $contact_last_name,

We’ve received your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) on $acase_date_entered

Status $acase_status
Reference $acase_case_number
Description $acase_description

Why are the fields not being applied?? it works when the Account IS created, but not if it is an unknown.

Just to add to this

i tried with both autoreply methods, and they both do the same.

i tried with a small mail with the variable $acase_case_number , and it doesn’t show it.

people just see the $acase_case_number and that’s it. The case however, is created in the system! with a number!

Welcom onboard!!! Same bullshit and not only for Case creation email…

problem still exist in newest version…