Auto Back Up SuiteCRM?

I am running SuiteCRM on Windows, is there a way to set up auto backup? backup database and application settings? instead of manually export all the stuff… :huh:

You should mention which database you’re using. Then the backup solutions for that database will be what you need.

The custom files should be there in the file system, there should be a million ways to take care of that…

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If you are hosting with an external company surely they will provide an automatic back up facility. But any script that could be set up to back up a database and set of files would work.

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Thanks, I am running Suite simply on Windows and host it locally for my end users, I need to learn how to write that (Cron) script…Lack of solid coding knowledge, need lots of research

This plugin is fully managed and automated for these operations

  1. Take Automatic Backup
  2. One Click restore
  3. On time Restore
  4. Notify everything before and after.
  5. Make retention of backups
  6. Remove / Purge after retention.
  7. Restore to remote location.

Free Software that allows 2 Backup Sets.

  1. MYSQL database
  2. Backup Complete CRM Folder

We use it to backup daily - automated

Just backup files and databases is not sufficient. To make sure whole process completely automated , there are several things to ensure backup will work when they required.

  1. Email notification for total number of tables , backup size each time.
  2. one click download
  3. one-click restore.
  4. automatically retention
  5. automatically purge after the retention period.
  6. several other notifications like backup tables.
  7. one-click restore to any remote location.
  8. put folders zip automatically to any FTP location.
  9. One click instant backup
  10. One click instant Folder backup.
  11. Ability to test any backup instantly
  12. Ability to launch any previous version of software instantly.

There are several processes to keep your SuiteCRM completely backup and to take guarantee of everything will work when they needed.

Nobody knows when a data disaster came into place. Using any command based backup systems or any tool ensures just backups of going on but nobody knows they will work exactly when a backup really needed and how much time is going to kill on those manual operations. Using an automated plugin takes cares of all loopholes of backups/restore and retention process with several logs.

It is to just make peace of mind with several notifications with the growing size of database, tables.
Also, it will be informing you unused/backup tables, that may sit there without any used or just backups.

Prevention is better than cure!