Auto Attach Emails (Inbound/Outbound)

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We are trying to figure out the best the solution for auto logging all email activities assuming there is a matching contact found in the CRM. So for example when a email comes in. . . I would like for the system to search contacts/Vendors/Clients/Leads by the address. If found I would like it to either create a activity or something like that showing the email.

Zoho has this and its a life saver at times. . . just hoping its readily available here before we have to develop it out.

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Using SuiteCRM Inbound emails & AOP

This allows you to have an inbound email address “support@”

When a Contact sends an email to this email address the CRM imports the email and creates a “case” - This case can be auto assigned to a user or user group

Not sure if it searches multiple modules (Leads/Vendors) and wouldn’t know how to make that work

It has worked great for our support team, Allowing them to manage their cases with case updates - emailing the Contact with an update email

(Work needed to update email templates)

Hope this helps

“support@” is just an example :slight_smile:

When the “Case” is created it is related to the “Contact” that sent the email in and also related to the “Account” the contact is linked to

Hey There. Thanks for the response. So when it creates a case on a contact I Assume that case is related to that contact and not under “activity”? Right?

Yes, the email relates to the case and the case relates to contact so shows in the cases subpanel not activities or history sub panels

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