Auto assign case from email between different teams based on the from email ID

Hi all,

Wanted help with understanding how to set up auto assign cases from email when there are different teams but a single inbound email ID. Any help with directions on how to do it or any URL that will help me, would be greatly appreciated

The scenario is as follows:
[li]There is one email id on which all mails come to (e.g.[/li]
[li]There are teams with different users in them[/li]
[li]When a mail arrives, based on the email Id from where it was sent, I need to assign it as a case to people in different teams.
[li]If a mail comes from Client A then it should go to Team A, while if it comes from Client B it should go to Team B[/li]
[li]The assignment within team could be any( Round robin etc.)[/li]



I can get the teams (groups) setup, roes added and users assigned and auto assign it as a case to one team. But how do I get it to assign between different teams based on who sent the email?

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there is no such feature, I’m afraid…

You would have to go into the PHP code and find where it’s assigning emails, and put your algorithm there.

Or maybe it could be easier (and more upgrade-safe) to let it assign automatically, but then in a Logic Hook correct that assignment if necessary.

Thanks pgr. Will have a look at it and be back if I get stuck.