Auto archive emails to opportunities

Hi Team,

I just started to use outlook plugin. Looks great, works pretty well.

I have one important need, that probably available, but do not know how.
Usually my focus is on the opportunities. I link my emails to different opportunities. In the same time for one contact I have several opportunity. I archive the first email to the opportunity. After that is it possible, that the system automatically does this if a new email arrives to the same discussion?
Would be great to have this, because all the time to do this manually…not effective, too many time.

Hope to find a solution.


Maybe you could do this with a Workflow, but I don’t know exactly how, I don’t know your way of working, and I don’t have experience with the Worklfow module…

What I would need is something like in the attached picture from SugarCRM.

Hmm that is SugarCRM 7, right?

I don’t think we have that feature. I know there’s a similar mechanism with Cases, to recognize emails related to a Case, but not with opportunities. I’m not 100% sure, though.

Do not know exactly the version of Sugar. Anyway, this would be an important feature to have.
If this is not available…I need to look for alternative crm solution. :frowning:

Ok. I don’t know the size of your budget, if this is a company project with some money you can extend and customize SuiteCRM to fit your needs. Starting with a “zero” price-tag leaves some room for that sort of thing - and then you can contribute back to the community.

But I understand if that’s not possible, you might need to look for something else. You won’t find a free CRM with more features than SuiteCRM, but maybe if it has the exact feature you need, you’re lucky.