Authentication with Client Credentials parameter

I want to ask client_id and client_secret get from where on parameter post Access Token? Thank you.

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Hey! Welcome to the community! :tada:

You can grab client credentials creating a new record here

Once you hit save you’ll find the ID on the record page :+1:

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If client_secret got from where?

Hey Mac-Rae…
The credential id it creates is only the id…is it not? I was expecting some type of client secret, but I haven’t found that anywhere, and the one that came w/ suitecrm when it was installed in config.php…what the heck do you have to put in there to have suitecrm serve up a butter freakin token…been trying all freakin day with zero luck…

Hi @jdlev,

You should be able to set the client secret when creating new creds.

In the create view you’ll get the option to name the record, create a secret or when using client credentials relate a user to make use of those specific credentials instead.

Let me know how it goes!