Audit Log Function

Hi SuiteCRM,

is there a function in SuiteCRM that allows us to keep an audit log for every action of both admin and employees on users, tasks, cases, events, contacts, leads and all other information?

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For each field you would like to edit turn on the “Audit” feature.

For example lets say Accounts module and the phone_fax field…

Studio>Accounts>Fields>phone_fax>Check the Audit box…

There ya go…

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Thank You.
But I have another question. After ticking the “audit” box in studio, how will I access the audit feature after that?

Lets say you are in the Contract detailview of a record.

You would click the small dropdown meny next to edit.

There you will see view change log.

A new window will open with the audit log.

On the top you will see all the fields being audited.

And on then a list of the field, the old value new value, who changed it and the time.

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Thank you so much. By the way, does the “task” section contain the view change log function too? I could not find it in my suitecrm.

Odd I do see it in mine. Version 7.4.3

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Thats sad, as all of my other areas have the change view log except for the tasks section. My version is suitecrm 7.5.1
Anyway, are you using the paid version of suitecrm/sugarcrm instead?
Any idea if there is a patch for this problem?

In SuiteCRM 7.11.2 I am trying to view the Audit Log for Meetings. I verified that the “Audit” box is checked on several fields, but in the “Actions” dropdown “View Change Log” is not an option.

I suspect I’m doing something wrong. How can I properly see the Audit log for the Meetings module?