Audit changes in relationships

Is there any way to audit changes made to relationship links? i.e. I want to see changes made to a specific relationship or relate field in the Change Log.

Since these links can be so easily changed or deleted via submodules in any other module it would be great to be able to undo such changes (when made by mistake) by looking at the change log.

Check this!

I used it to achieve something similar. You may need to modify the code in the post.


Just for everyone wondering how to do this here in 2020.

You just have to extend the vardef. In my example the relation name is accounts_accounts_2 in account module.

So in SuiteCRM\custom\Extension\modules\Accounts\Ext\Vardefs

Add a file and just add this :

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I’m trying this solution in version 8.4 but I can’t seem to get it to work.