Attempting to relate a contact to another contact (colleague)

I’m new to Studio, so please go easy on me. I’ve also searched, finding info for Sugar and Suite. I followed this tutorial.

How can I relate one contact to one or more other contacts? I’m attempting to capture “who is friends with whom?”. I tried creating a relationship from a contact to a contact but the relationship “field” does not appear in the Contact’s EditView. Would someone help me over this issue?

Hi Nick,

There is already a relationship in Cnotacts. This can be seen as the field name ‘Reports To’ and the subpanel ‘Direct Reports’. These can be re-named appropriately in studio.

Does this suit your requirements?



Hello Will, it would, except we already use and depend on the 1:many relationship you suggested as a solution. Any further guidance will be quite helpful.

Thank you,