Attachment download from module panel not working with PHP 7.0 or higher!


I was wondering if someone can help out. We have discovered a problem with Notes (history) under module panel. When you go to any client in Accounts or any other module and try to directly download that document from Notes (history) panel under their name, if you are using PHP 7.0 it will not work, however with PHP 5.6 works fine.

Has anyone experienced same issue and possibly resolve this. This happens on both SuiteCRM 7.8.8 and 7.10.18 LTS. Sugar engine is 6.5.25 (build 344), MySQL 5.6.31

Thanks in advance.

I just tried in Version 7.11.8, with PHP Version 7.3.9 and it seems to work well.

You can confirm this in the live demo (user:will, pass: will)

Maybe you can check your logs and your browser’s developer console to see if you spot any errors.

Also check it the URL of the attachment looks correct, in the server part (the site_url value from your config.php)