Attachment created in portal doesn't have link to case

SuiteCRM 7.11.7, upgraded from 7.11.3
Joomla! 3.9.11 Stable
Joomla Portal 2.0.1

I have tried to find some answers, but all posts, being similar, have no solution to my problem.

I had a bug in portal related to list case option, and I had to add extra NULL param to com_advancedopenportal/models/SugarCasesConnection.php as suggested in

Now that works fine but creating a case (portal) with an attachment links no attachment/note to the case.
Actual attachment is created in a notes module but there is no link between them.
Also, I have a relation in a case module, case_notes, but there is no Notes subpanel in a cases module.

Any help would be appreciated!