Attaching PDF Template to e-mail

First off great job on 7.1.1 and for all the work that you do on this project.

So I have a fresh install of 7.1.1 and created a PDF Template that I want to have generated for my accounts and then I want to send them to the client. Is there a way when I am writing an e-mail for a particular account that I can attach the generated PDF Template showing up in their History section without having to download the file and then re-attach it.

I have a lot of NDA’s that I have to send out to people and I need to update it with their info, but I was wondering if there is a way to streamline the process more that I’m not aware of. I thought someone said you can do it with workflow but I can’t figure it out. If someone could shed a little light on this for me I would appreciate it. You could also just let me know that it can’t be streamlined any more without custom modules and that would be fine too.


Are you sending these emails one at a time? Or within an Email Campaign?

Have you linked your email to Suite?

When sending emails from the system you can select documents that are stored inside the system as attachments and select the email to be archived to the Account

This is how we got around it :slight_smile:

Hope this helped in some way


I am sending out these emails one at a time.
It is not run through a campaign.

It is a PDF Template with merged fields embedded inside it so that I can select an account from my account list. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the list to select “Generate Letter” and it then takes my PDF Template populates the merge fields with the data from that account and then creates a PDF file of the merged document in the History portion of that account. I was looking for a way to make it so that an e-mail is generated and a copy is sent to the contact associated with that account at the same time that the letter was generated. I realize now that I am going to have to set up a workflow to do this, but I don’t know how to set it up so that I can tell it to send out an e-mail to the record contact using an e-mail template with the generated PDF attached to that email. Is that possible?

Sorry if I don’t make sense with what I’m looking for, and thank you for taking the time to read my post help me work out these issues. I just have not had enough time to really dig into the code to start to really get a full understanding of how everything works in this system.

We also have same requirement. we need to create PDF template for lead and also need to trigger workflow when new lead comes and need to send them pdf in an email.
did you find any solution of it.

I’ve took this up here and i’m trying to forward everyone to the same thread -