Attaching files to Accounts using PHP

I am working on importing Cases and bringing in files from another system into Suite CRM. I am looking for a way to attach the downloaded files to an Account in PHP.

This is a one time project and most likely won’t need to be done again (I hope).

Has anyone done this before? If so, do you have some code to share or can you point me in a direction that I can take?



@pgr, I understand that there is no way to attach a file to an Account with out it being an Internal File or attached to a Case or Email.

So my companies old ticket system allows staff to see all images uploaded for an Account and is not tied to any tickets. Is there a way in either the Accounts or Cases Detail Views to be able to see all Case Attachments?

I suppose I could add a NON-DB field and then populated that with data like I have done in the Accounts Detail View.

You can attach files to accounts with the Notes module.

The complete name is Notes and Attachments, and you work with it from the History subpanel.

Aw Ha!, I completely missed that. Looks like I added one by mistake in my testing and did not realize it.



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