Attaching a file to a call?

What I’m trying to accomplish is the ability to attach a file to a call, and have that file visible when on the detail view of the related account.

For the file, I created a custom module using the file template in the module builder. Then, I created a one-to-many relationship between the call and the custom file module, so that one call can have multiple files. This seems to work fine, except that I can’t access the file from the account detail view without first clicking on the detail view for the call with the related file.

Put another way… If an Account has a call with a related file, I would like the a link to that file to be visible in the Activities subpanel of that Account. For example, the columns in the Activities subpanel might be Subject, Status, Contact, Date, Assigned User, File.

What would be the easiest way to accomplish this? While adding a file upload field to the Call would probably work, for now I would like to avoid paid options such as File Upload Module

I considered creating a custom “Call” module (starting with the file template in the module builder), and relate it directly to the Account, but it seems I would lose some of the functionality related to calls that is built into SuiteCRM.

Suggestions? Thanks.

Hi there,

Have you tried just relating the standard documents module to calls?



Okay, I did that. Now I have a “File” input in the edit screen:

When I click the arrow, I get the option to search existing documents:

Is there any way to add the file from the Call edit interface? Because it looks like using this method, I would need to add the file through the documents module and then come back to the edit call interface and find the file I just added. Doing this several times a day, it would be nice to do it completely from the edit call screen.

Okay, I was doing it wrong. Got it now. But, I can’t edit or delete my previous post.

How you solve this problem?

Admin > Studio > Calls Relationships > Add Relationship