Attached PDF email quote deleted when choosing an email template - how to solve it?!


help would be be great with the following problem:

I want to send quotes per email - but when I chose an email template during the “PDF Email” process in SuiteCRM the email template deletes the attached pdf quote!

What I do:

After creating a quote I click in the quotes details view on “PDF email”, then I chose the quote template and the email page with the attached pdf quote is opening.

But now I want to chose an email template I created for sending pdf quotes per email. When I choose a template it overwrites and delete the attachement.

The pdf quote is not attached anymore!

What is the solution? How can I send my pdf quotes with email ?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,
What version of SuiteCRM are you using when getting this issue?

Thanks :D.

Oh, sorry:

My Suitecrm version is 7.11.7 / Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
Language: German.


That’s great thank you!

This is a known issue that has been raised on our Github issues (

Currently, there is no workaround and we are working to fix this issue. If you are having any more problems with attachments then please
let us know. sorry.

Thank you!

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Ok, do all current SuiteCRM versions have this issue?


Can you please share the issue no?