Attach File to a Quote

We can’t attach a file (the actual quote generated by a 3rd party) to a quote. Our solution is to create a Note, then attach a PDF to the Note.

Clumbsy but it works.

Any ideas how to:

  1. Attach a PDF file to a quote. I can’t find the file upload field to add to the details list. Or,
  2. Change the name “Notes” under quotes to “Notes and Quote”. That would be a clue for our newer reps on how to find a copy of their PDF quote that our system automatically injects into SuiteCRM … as an attachement to a note in a quote!

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss ticket now. Thanks in advance!

I found some references to similar requests:

(also, follow some of the links in those two posts, they will take to you additional tutorials).

Customizing the subpanel name should be easy with just a line of PHP but I’m afraid I don’t have any tutorial for you just now. I can search better tomorrow if you can’t find it yourself.