Assistance needed to get email working


SuiteCRM version 7.2.1
Hosted on a subdomain - web host GoDaddy
Email account - O365


I am having great difficulties getting email to work in SuiteCRM. I have tried all suggested configurations provided by MS to no avail to get it working with O365 and I have also tested using a Gmail account and that is not working either. Credentials are definitely correct, settings are correct but I keep getting this error.

ERROR: Failed to connect to server. Code: 111 Reply: Connection refused

I have been in touch with MS as well as GoDaddy but neither was able to find anything on their end that would prevent this from working. GoDaddy dropped a php script on to my domain which is able to test if the server is able to send emails successfully. I sent test emails to O365 as well as Gmail and both were received.

It would seem, in this case, that the issue is with the application. Could something be wrong with my installation? Any suggestions onhow I can get this working? It’s sorta a deal breaker if I can’t get email to function properly.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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There appears to be a common problem with GoDaddy hosting . Godady server doesn’t allow us to send SMTP emails like gmail etc… they only allow SMTP credential of their own. this seems to be common shared hosting provider issue.

I suggest contact your hosting provider.

Reference :

The script that they have “Dropped” on the server might not be using the same setup. for example the script does it ask you for your username and password for the mailbox you are trying to send the email from ?.


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Thank you for your response.

I have been in contact with GoDaddy multiple times and they are unable to resolve the problem. To answer your question, the script does not ask for credentials. We also tested the server by sending a test message from a Wordpress contact form on the same domain and that worked perfectly but the contact does not ask for credentials either.

I am testing with another CRM and I am having the same problems as I am with SuiteCRM. The second CRM is hosted on GoDaddy in the same manner. However, for testing purposes, I am taking advantage of a 30 day trial in which the developers host it on their servers. Testing email in that environment works using the same O365 mailbox.

If GoDaddy is indeed the problem, I’m not sure what to ask them or how to get this resolved. I’ve spoken to three different engineers at GoDaddy. They all say the server is sending emails. They do block port 25 but I’m using 587. Not sure where to go from here.

Thanks again!


The engineers are correct and the server is sending the emails, the script will be the similar in way of wordpress, SuiteCRM connects the the mail server and the email is sent from there. so the issue is that the server the CRM is on can not access the mail server. Where wordpress and the script only imitate the email address that its coming from and is send via a function on the server e.g sendmail.


Thanks Ian, I appreciate your explanation. Looks like I will be on the phone with GoDaddy once again.