Assignment of Cases created by inbound mail. Distribution methods not working as expected


I was looking for a way to assign all new Cases opened by an inbound email to a single user.
Normally all new cases should be handled the same way no matter if they were opened by email or from portal.

Through AOP Settings I chose to assign all new cases to a group user and this works fine but there is no way to have the same behavior when the case is created by an inbound email.

Also, the distribution methods (Round Robin, Leas Busy) for Cases created by inbound mail are not working as expected. All new Cases created by email are assigned always to one of the users -always the same and there is no way to change who this user is.


Agreed. We use a workflow to route inbound email cases flagged by created by Administrator using AOW to the route to a group (RR or LB) to work around this behavior.

Hope you are doing good, George.


Hi George,

I have posted a solution to this problem here.



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The link above was broken by the forum migration.

The solution is here now.