Assignment Emails not sending (some users?)

I have a situation where for 3 users assignment emails are not sending. Well, still not sure if they are not sending or not being received. It’s difficult to troubleshoot. This is the first time I’ve run in to such an issue.

The 3 users are receiving assignment notifications. However when they assign a record, the assignee is not getting notified.

Anyone run into such a situation? I just don’t know how to troubleshoot because it’s not everyone, so it’s not a common issue like “email is not working”, etc.

Any suggestions appreciated!

What kind of visibility do you have over the email server?
Is there a different security group on those users, maybe some of those permissions?

Sorry I have no idea, just pitching some thoughts

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@maverickws Thanks. Yeah, unfortunately I don’t have visibility on the email server (Office 365). I checked all the permissions and they are consistent with everyone else’s. I checked the outbound email config too and it seems to be fine. I’m kind of stumped on where to look?

You can try playing with this setting in the admin → email setting

Other than that

If you want to debug
Look at the function send_assignment_notifications in data/Sugarbean.php. adding some logging here might give you an idea of where the failure is occurring

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Thanks @abuzarfaris I didn’t think of that! I don’t think I’ve ever messed with that setting. I’ll give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

Search these forums for SMTP logging. I have a post where I tell you a few lines of code to uncomment, this will make you see more in the logs; at least you will clear out the confusion about whether the emails are not sent, or sent but not received.

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