"Assign To" value is missing in Leads module when setup multiple instance in one domain

i’ve been setup multiple instance of SuiteCRM in one domain, and separated multiple instance using slash.

i’ve set session_dir for specific for every instance in each config_override.php
the file session is create in each folder for each instance.

and im facing issue, in the Leads List Table. Please check below


if you see in Assign To column (User), the value is missing…
if in mydomain.dom/instance-1 → Assing To value showing, then mydomain.dom/instance-2 will disappear…

anyone have facing like this issue before? or maybe can help me with some approach…

this is my SuiteCRM spec:
Version 7.13.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
PHP v7.4

As per my judgement this is not related to session, I think this can be database connectivity thing, are you using same database for both of these systems? and also is it appearing in other modules or only in the Leads module?
I have never seen the issue like this. But it can be checked.