Assign Task to Employee

I have a newly set up instance of SuiteCRM and I really like it. However, I can create new Employees and see them in the Employees module. When I create a task and want to assign the task to somebody, I only see myself and nobody else (I am admin).
Any idea, why?
Thank you

As a matter of semantics. When you are assigning items you are assigning them to users not employees. All employees should be users, but you might want to check the admin section and users to make sure they are listed there. Perhaps do a repair, also in the admin section.

Just a thought.


Create user under usermanagement as new user not as a group user.

New user will be an employee and will have access to CRM.
Group user will be an employee and will not have access to CRM.


Thank yo both. I now get the issue: I used the employee module to create an employee, which is not a user but the other way round. A user is an employee. Strange concept but if I add a new user, it works