assign contact to project task BUT contact not in list view

I can assign a contact to a project task at the Gantt view.
But at the list view of project tasks the contact is not visible!
Is there a solution?

I don’t use Projects, so I might be missing something here, but…

I believe the Project List view shows a list of “related contacts”; this seems to be at Project level, not at “Project Tasks” level.

But when you assign a contact from the “new task” in Gantt view, that’s an “assigned contact”, which is a different thing. That is a field in the Task, not a relationship. And it is at Project Task level.

I hope this helps.


I have noted the exact same issue in Projects.

The ‘Assigned To’ field is only filled in with a name on both the ‘project tasks’ and ‘view gantt’ displays IF the name belongs to a SuiteCRM User.

If you try to assign a task to a name that is a SuiteCRM contact then the ‘Assigned To’ field will be blank on the ‘project tasks’ display but filled in on the ‘view gantt’ display.

The only way around this I could think of would be to create the Contact as a User but that would be an extra time overhead and confusing.

It would be good if this could be fixed.

p.s. I am using SuiteCRM 7.10.7.


The Assigned-to mechanism is central in SuiteCRM and it is meant to be just for users. It helps you get people in your organization to take responsibility for items. So it definitely shouldn’t include Contacts.

Maybe you just need to add a relationship between Contacts and Projects (or Project Tasks?) if you want to track that information.


I see. It is part of the organizational design - clever.

So can you tell me how I create a relationship between a contact and a project or project task?

Many Thanks,

See the Docs for Studio

After creating the Relationship you will see a subpanel to check the relations and edit them. You might want to add other items to some screen layouts to see it displayed elsewhere.