Asset Management/Tracking/Booking???

I have assets that employees check out, take to client sites, etc and I need a system to manage and track these items as well as keep notes about their general condition, etc.

I’m seeing several fantastic open source projects, but since the assets are all checked out to employees or clients it would make my life easier if it was a module or at least integrated with CRM instead of being a standalone database.

I see this question being asked 2-3 times a year in the Sugar forum with zero answers, so I’m going to ask it here…

Has anyone ever seen or heard of a Sugar/SuiteCRM solution for this?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi sidcam,

It sounds like you could create a custom module ‘Assets’ which could have relationships to clients(Accounts/Contacts) and store all required information about those assets.

Does this sound like a good solution, or do you require a more advanced solution?



Sid, Sorry to jump in on your thread, but this is exactly what I need as well… Have you had any luck?

Will, can you point us in the direction of creating such a custom module? Or has anyone in the community already done so that would be willing to share some details?


Ok so Module Builder and Studio are a lot easier to use than they initially seemed. For others looking for an assets module I suggest custom creation as Will suggests. I was able to generate a module with all the fields I could possibly need and set a Relationship with Accounts and the AOS Products module as well. Works perfectly!