[ask] SuiteCRM CI / CD Auto Deployment with Docker and GitHub

Hi all,

Could you give suggestions how to deploy SuiteCRM based on GitHub commit and Docker image?

Each commit in GitHub master branch should be deployed to cloud service as docker image.
But, there are users (non-developers) that could make changes through Studio at the website.
Any changes in Studio could produce new php files and change the database data or structure.
For customization that users can’t handle, they let developers to create the extension or custom module.
But, the developers can’t get the latest script that had been changed by users through Studio.
Another that, if developers push new commits to master branch, the SuiteCRM would be redeployed and it makes some user changes gone.

Do you have best practices to handle this issue?

Thanks in advance.

This gets asked every once in a while and the short answer is: it’s difficult, and nobody really has a full solution together.

Check out my answer in this post:


and also make sure you read the link I provide there, it’s a nice resource.

Than you can try to get this to work partially, perhaps… but the apps’ nature and architecture simply does not facilitate things.

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