[ask] change documents - accounts relationship

Hi all,

By default, the documents-accounts relationship is Many-to-Many.
But, we have the requirement to change documents-accounts relationship to Many-to-One
(an accounts could have many documents and a document only related to one account).

I am trying to change it via Studio. But, I found that it is impossible to change the relationship since the default relationship cannot be edited.
Could you give advice / suggestions about changing the default relationship between documents and accounts?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know, but I can suggest two alternative approaches:

  • use a new relationship between Accounts and Documents, done by you in Studio


  • treat this as a matter of validation: when saving relationship, check the One-to-many requirement, block saving if it is not allowed. This could be a logic hook, but you’ll have to figure out the details yourself…
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