[ask] case update notes notification


We are trying to create mail notification to case owner if another user has submitted new case updates notes related to the case.
We are using workflow to identify whether there is new case updates notes and whether the submitter is case owner or not.
Then, we are using email template to display the detail notes and the case that has being updated.

But, the problem is the email notification always shows the oldest note.
We want the notification contains the latest note.

Could you help us to get this problem solved?

Thanks in advance.

Can you share the exact details of your workflow? All the main properties (like “on save” etc) plus the actions’ settings.

Hi pgr,

I have attached the screenshot of the workflow detail.

Thank you.

That whole approach with a “all records” workflow seems to me very hard to get right…

Try instead:

Module: Notes (not Cases!)
On Save
New Records
No repeated runs

Conditions: Cases / Field “Parent Type” / Equal / Value / “Case”

So, this will run whenever a new Note is created, and it will check if the note is connected to a Case.

Now for the action you could try to send the email, but I don’t think you will find the Case’s email address there. So you will have to do this in two steps.

For the Action, just write to some field in the related Case. Pick any unused field, or create a custom field in cases just for this purpose. So, the action will be:

Modify Record / Cases:case / some Field / some value

Then, create a second Workflow to pick up that signal and send the email from the case:

Module: Cases / On Save / Modified Records / Repeated runs.
Condition: your “signal” field changed
Action: send email

You can send the entire note content from the Note to the Case, if you want to include it in the Email.

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ok, pgr. I’ll try it.
Thanks for the solution.

Hi @benedict90

Did this solution work for you ?

More importantly did it work for you @RiaanB?

If not try raising a new ticket tagging this one please :+1::+1: