Are there any tips on migrating from one instance of SuiteCRM to another?

Has anyone been through a Suite to Suite migration? What are the key steps involved?

Please explain what you mean by “migration”

Move all modules including data, relations and config from one instance of Suite to another.

Sorry but your description is too vague.

I could answer (in brief):

. take a full back up (db & files)
. load db to new instance
. copy files to new instance
. update certain config values (there are very few)
. now you are ready

Or, in case you want to upgrade to a new version:
. do the same as above
. run all the upgrades

The above can easily be found searching the forum.

Or… what other scenario?
If you are not specific you get no help.

You can use 3rd party service Data2CRM to migrate all data with saved relations between records.
See what modules can be transferred from SuiteCRM to another edition automatically. Custom migration mode is available for advanced possibilities.
Hope, it helps.

Hi Oleksandra, welcome to our Forums.

Normally we need to ban users who come here just posting links to their products. I had some reports from users, because of your 3 posts today. But we are not totally against letting people make their solutions known here, we just require that you:

  • keep the posts relevant to the original user’s request: you did this mostly, except perhaps on this one, where the user asks for SuiteCRM–>SuiteCRM migration, and you point to a page for SugarCRM–>SuiteCRM migration.

  • try to also help out with answers occasionally, so that users get to know you, and appreciate your presence here, instead of coming in only to advertise.

So I believe your approach was not perfect, but good enough, and I won’t ban you. Just keep in mind these guidelines, please.

I think I am biased in your favor - anyone helping people move away from SugarCRM must be a good person! :stuck_out_tongue: