Are there any real speed gains from upgrading?

My company uses SugarCRM Comunity Edition 6.5.x, installed on our server inside company, for quite some time, but from day one it felt like very slow system and it is today despite some optimizations that we tried like loading sub panels collapsed.

Now we are considering upgrading to latest version of SuiteCRM. Can we expect to notice any speed gains noticeable by ordinary users out of the box after upgrade?

We do not have custom modules. We are from third world country, so there is no way to pay for hosted solution.

We personally have seen speed increases when we upgraded from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM!

There are also a lot more features & benefits within SuiteCRM that make the upgrade very worth while.

It might be worth copying your production SugarCRM and upgrading it to SuiteCRM to test the differences before applying it to production

Also a big speed gain if you upgrade to the later versions of PHP on your webserver. Going from 5.3 to 5.4 for us was a significant increase. It looks like the newest version (SuiteCRM 7.4.3) is even compatible with php 5.6 and php 7, so I’d imagine that you get significant increases there as well, if you can control your environment in that way.

Thank you guys.
I would never think that php version might have impact :frowning: