Are SecuritySuite in SuiteCRM and SecuritySuite Extension same?

SuiteCRM installation comes with ‘SecuritySuite’ settings. I was wondering if this is same as SecuritySuite extension as seen here: Does this extension comes default with SuiteCRM? Are there any differences?


Yes, it is the same thing. You can see in SuiteCRM’s about page the author is mentioned (Jason Eggers).

But I see the module is for sale on the SuiteCRM store (even though most of the text is outdated and mentions SugarCRM):

You can ask the author there, he always answer very quickly and competently.

It’s probably a “pro” version, with extra features which you will probably only need for very special situations. The free version that comes with SuiteCRM is very powerful.


they’re the same but the build in to suitecrm is like the “free” version of it, the paid version has these features (that I know of)

Custom group layouts

Login/Sudo as any user

Create versus Edit Rights

and many other things described here

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Thank you for confirming.

The modules listed in the and are same. In fact they are using the same page to display in both the sites. Just that they have replaced the word ‘SugarCRM’ with ‘SuiteCRM’ in