archived email showing incorrect body


Since upgrading to 7.10, archived emails from Outlook are showing the incorrect body. Continuously displays the body of the first email viewed in SuiteCRM.

We have had to enable Developer Mode to correct this issue, however system performance has suffered.

So assume it is some sort of caching issue.

Is this a known bug or can I implement a fix.

Running 7.10.7 with the raw email body php code fix on Windows.



Please explain a little better what you mean by the “fix”?

Have you tried a few repairs from Admin / Repair? Not just the QR&R, also anything Javascript related?

Also please try this fix

it’s from yesterday and it appears to be related… Tell me how it goes.

By fix, I am referring the the following:

I implemented the fix you suggest and did a rebuild. Without Developer mode enables, the issue persists - not resolved.

Any other assistance is greatly appreciated.

That tip you are calling a “fix” from issue 6131 is not a real fix. So put that code back as it was, include the real fix I linked, turn off Developer mode and please tell me if it worked :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I have same problem with messages in Sent folder. I have applied the fix that you indicate but the issue continue.


I am losing control of what’s happening in this thread :slight_smile:

There are too many people, and there are two very different things going by the name “fix”, so I can’t understand which one each person means.

Please make an effort to be specific, saying (in one post)

  • your SuiteCRM version
  • which PR changes you applied
  • what you’re getting as a result


Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your help. I’m going explain my issue. I have configured three folders to an user; Inbox, Sent and Trash. In Inbox folder, the user clicks on message in the listview, the message is showed correctly. But if the user select Sent folder and clicks on message in the listview, the messaged showed is wrong in the detail view.

SuiteCRM version 7.10.7
Fix applied:

sorry me poor english.



Going back to my original issue please:

  1. Have reverted vardefs back to show “‘type’ => ‘emailbody’,” - the “DetailView of email module shows the raw php code on Xampp on windows” issue has returned.
  2. Have implemented the fix you suggested: “

Result: the “DetailView of email module shows the raw php code on Xampp on windows” remains and I cannot read body of email.

  1. Have enabled “Developer Mode” and “DetailView of email module shows the raw php code on Xampp on windows” remains and I cannot read body of email.

Without the changes to " vardefs" described in “” I cannot read the email body at all.

Running SuiteCRM 7.10.7 on Windows 10 Professional.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Hi guys,

I’ve created a fix here that should resolve any detail-view display issues in the emails module:


Hello all.

Good news, this issue appears resolved.

To fix,

  1. I reverted the charge back to “‘type’ => ‘emailbody’,” in vardefs.
  2. Implemented the fix by Dillon-Brown.
  3. Quick Repair and Rebuild

Thanks Dillon-Brown for your fix.