Archive email under project that is under security group

I want to archive email under a PROJECT , not under a account or contact. Is that possible?
I can do it with Opacus. But now the real question: that project is part of a security group. If I archive the email under that project, will it receive the security group of that project? Is there a way (with workflow or …? ) to put archived email in a specific security group?
Basis for that could be the email domain name of the email (part after the @ sign)

I am a bit unsure of the answer here, you will need to try things out and see if they actually work.

But theoretically, I would say you could

  • create a relationship between Projects and Email modules, if there isn’t one already

  • create a Workflow or Logic hook to capture the event of “new relationship” established and run some logic and add to the security group as intended (under the hood, this is actually adding a second relationship, from the Email to the security group).