Archive Email ? No way to insert email body?

Maybe we are missing something here

When you go to History subpanel and click ‘Archive Email’ -

The next page actually doesn’t give you a email body

In previous versions there was a email body for you to paste in for example

Just modify the Quick Create view and add the field you want.

when you click compose

The body is there but Emails in studio there is no field

You are right. The problem is the way the messages are stored. Email table only calls the message_id. Composed messages are saved on a different table. The work around will be to add a custom TextArea field where you can save the body or at least the text. You can even add a custom field for attachments, etc.

I’m seeing the same behavior in latest SuiteCRM version. Is this a known bug?

I believe my previous answer is still valid:



Am I correct to assume that a textarea is plaintext and will strip all formatting?

You are correct on that one.

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