Approval Concept

How to configure here approval concept.
Example : Sales Executive request for some approval to Manager. Manager has to approve then only executive proceed further.

There are many ways to do this, and I don’t even know which modules you’re using, but…

  1. Learn about the “assignment” mechanism. With this, you can assign the record to the manager, when it’s up for approval, and then he can assign back to the worker when it’s done. Each person has their own “worklists”, possibly with a Dashlet on the Homepage, showing only “My” records, the ones they have to work on. Each person can also configure their profile to receive “assignment notifications” by email.

  2. Check out Workflows, both to make the above suggestion easier to use, or to implement a separate mechanism without “assigned to”, if you prefer. The basic idea is to catch an event (like manager changed some field to “approved”) and do some extra actions: like automatically assign to the worker, or send an email, or create a task, etc.

Thank you for reply.
Once assigned to Manager listing will remove from executive. Executive always want to see what is the status of that record. With out assigning how to manage this approval concept.
Even in workflow while changing approved mail or some data able to trigger but initial level it self executive also able to see approval drop down.

 How to handle this type of scenario. Kindly give me some solutions.

Assignment does not “hide” records. If you really need to hide records from some people, you would use Security Groups instead.

You just need to use the correct view to see everything.

If you are in a Dashlet that shows only “My items”, then when the record is assigned to someone else, it disappears form there.

But there are other views: the module’s List View shows everything. Or you can edit the Dashlet and un-check the “my items only” criterion. Or create a new Dashlet with a different filter, etc.

Hi pgr,
I used to security groups for controlling data but i want to control only approval options in that page. Manager only get approval options.

Example: Campaign page have only option for Status as approved or submit. Who will approve this status. This place how to enable approval concept. Kindly help me resolve this issue.

You have the tools:

  • security groups mechanism
  • assignment mechanism
  • list views and filters

But only you can build a working system from these parts. Make sure you understand the impact of changes in each of those, especially Security Groups which can become very complex.

Note that a record assignment may have automatic consequences regarding Security Groups, check Admin / Security Suite Settings, and the documentation for that module.