Approach to basic theme mods?

I want one standard look/feel across all SuiteCRM users. They like Dawn layout within SuiteP theme. I’m very new to this so still trying to figure out how everything works, what does what, etc.

Seems like users can change layouts (in profile setting) but only administrator can upload “themes”. Rather than hack up the base SuiteP theme and try to remove every layout except the one I want, is there a way to clone SuiteP theme into a new theme with only one layout choice?

I don’t want to do anything crazy. I simply want to match colors and fonts to the company’s color/fonts. Also change a couple links around (login screen “powered by” and “supercharged by” change color with hover --I’d like to stop the color change on hover.

What’s the best way to approach this? This feels a bit like the first time I tried to modify someone else’s free website template to suit my needs… Except SuiteCRM is a lot more complicated.


It is possible to modify the options on file custom/themes/SuiteP/themedef.php (It doesn’t exists by default and needs to be created) BUT before proceeding to do it. I’ll recommend you to take a look to this post: