Apply stylesheet to outgoing e-mails


I am able to update tinyMCE using content.css. I can see the changes in compose e-mail window, however the same is not applied to outgoing e-mails.

Thanx in advance.

In order to apply styles to emails you should copy the entire style code inside the body of the message.
It will not work if you link to a separate stylesheet file.

In addition, Sugar/SuiteCRM “cleans” the html code of emails when saving it to the database and, as a result, if you edit the html code you will lose certain things that are removed by the program.

In order to force certain formats I have saved the html code directly in the database without editing again via SuiteCRM (otherwise things get changed). That has worked for me but is absolutely impractical for a system with non “hacker” users!!!

Thanx for the reply.
I was referring to this
Also I’ve disabled Purifier. I did paste the css inline to HTML and the mail does go as WYSIWYG
However it’s cumbersome to make direct SQL calls (as you rightly pointed out).

Wonder if anyone has as a simpler approach…